Online blackjack is a type of casino game that played among several players. The game mimics the type played at landbased casinos, however, you can access it right from your phone. You can get more information about playing online casino games at the website of eaglesnestvictoria .

Online blackjack rules

Online blackjack is quite easy to play, even if you are a complete beginner. The game requires players to get a hand higher than that of the dealer but less than 22. Below are some of the terminologies you might come across while playing the game.

  • Hand: this is simply the collection of cards a player has.
  • Bust: When your hand is over 21
  • Deck: A collection of 52 cards

Generally, in online blackjack, the dealer is made to stop playing when his hand is 17 or more. This is to stop the dealer from busting in most rounds. If a player goes over 21, the player loses that bet and has to wait for another round.

Playing online blackjack

Online blackjack is played by turns and each player is expected to make moves to beat the dealer. If a player wants to increase the value of his hand, he can hit and in the case where he thinks his hand is high enough, he can 'stand'.

In a case whereby a player has a pair of cards, he can split the cards into two hands. These two hands will be treated differently and the player has to bet in the two hands separately. You can also double down or surrender.

Online blackjack varinats

There are different variants of blackjack in which you can play. The most common of them all is the blackjack switch. You are allowed to start the game with two hands as opposed to one hand as found in the original game. Other variants include

  • Double attack blackjack
  • Double exposure blackjack

These variants are created for different purposes and to give players the choice of rules they will like to follow. No variant is superior to another since each one has its own unique feature. Just get familiar with them and you will find the best for you


Online blackjack strategy

Online blackjack is a game of chance, however, there are certain strategies you can equip yourself with to increase you chance of winning and reduce the amount of time you go bust. You can start by setting a limit to when you hit.

It is advisable that when you get to 19 or more, you should stop hitting. Another strategy is to split your hand when you have two 8s. A pair of 8s is a weak number and hitting can result in going over 21.

Final thoughts on online blackjack

Online blackjack is an amazing game however, you need to visit an online casino before you can play. There are certain requirements to check out before choosing an online casino. The first is to ensure that the online casino has a license. Other requirements includes:

  • Flexible payment option
  • Responsive customer care

Above all, online blackjack is a good alternative traditional blackjack, if you cannot afford the luxury of playing at landbased casinos. Also, if you want to start betting with as low as $1, online blackjack is a good start for you. Start playing today.